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The Thirteen Zebras Wellness Support Bracelet is a gorgeous, handmade piece of jewelry crafted from Pink Zebra Jasper. Not only does it make a beautiful addition to your collection, but each purchase  provides a donation to the Ehlers Danlos Society.

The bracelet is made with Pink Zebra Jasper stones that have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for their healing properties, by providing balance and harmony making it the perfect accessory for those seeking holistic wellness support. Wear it with pride and feel good knowing that you're supporting a great cause.

Thirteen Zebras Wellness Support Bracelet

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Pink Zebra Jasper: Multiple shades of pink, black, grey and white

    Each braclet is handmade  with the following items. 

    • Pink Zebra Jasper Beads 
    • Chrome accent Beads 
    • 1 Chrome Zebra charm
    • 1 Lotus flower with Ohm synbol charm 
    • 1 Rare Disease Advocacy Ribbon 
    • Rounded leather cord 
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