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            WELCOME TO                THIRTEEN ZEBRAS WELLNESS

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How We Got Here

Growing up it often crossed my mind that there was something more to being “double-jointed.".   

Like most of us on the hypermobile spectrum I never envisioned my hypermobility would suddenly take full control of my body.  Learning that you have a heritable connective tissue disorder known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or any form of a chronic illness can be stressful.    

The core focus of this site is to offer resources and teach holistic wellness and nutrition practices by focusing on evidence-based research.  Integrative health solutions can help manage symptoms of comorbities and improve an individual's well-being.  

Thirteen Zebras strives to provide knowledge for those newly diagnosed and advocate for those who can't.  It is important to build a community because of a lack of understanding within the medical community.  

Wellness is a personal journey that is designed to help each individual bring balance into their lives.  



Thank you for visiting our site 


Sharon L. Harrasser MS, Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach 
Graduate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Master of Science with a degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine (Integrative Health) 

NANP Professional Member since 2021
ASN Member Early Career 2021
National Wellness Institute Member 2021
EDS ECHO Community and Allied Professional Advocate 2020