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Image by Geran de Klerk

            WELCOME TO                THIRTEEN ZEBRAS WELLNESS

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Why Thirteen Zebras Wellness?




Thirteen Zebras Wellness was created as a way to help others like myself who against all odds live with a heritable connective tissue disorder that is under recognized and often coined as an invisible disorder. Growing up as the  youngest of three children, in a first generation immigrant family it often crossed my mind that there was something more to being “double-jointed.".   

Like most of us on the hypermobile spectrum I never envisioned my hypermobility would suddenly take full control of my body.  When you first learn you have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or any form of a chronic illness you are thrown into a immediate battle for improving your quality of life and overall well being     

The core focus of this site is to offer resources and teach holistic wellness and nutrition practices by focusing on evidence-based research and applying integrative health solutions to help manage symptoms of the many  comorbidities that exist when  living with the  thirteen recognized types of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  

Thirteen Zebras Wellness strives to provide knowledge for those newly diagnosed and advocate for the wellbeing of all Zebras by building a community.

Because of a lack of understanding and knowledge within the medical community many symptoms are overlooked.  With few diagnostic tools and little research this disorder needs the attention of researchers, clinicians and educational resources   


Wellness is a personal journey here at Thirteen Zebras Wellness we design programs  to help each individual bring balance into their lives.  


Thank you for visiting Thirteen Zebras Wellness  


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